Menu Translations Edit

This is the main menu for the game. From here you can access the basic functions where you can edit party, enhance your units, play the gacha, or do quests.

This menu is found by clicking through the menu button which is found on the top right of the game. Here you can access more useful functions within the game.


Edit Menus Edit

This is the general screen you will see after clicking edit party from the main page. Here you can edit your party members as well as changing your job.

Auto-party: Automatically assigns party members, weapons, and summons based on the chosen preference.

Disband party: Clears out the entire party, weapons, and summons equipped.

Auto-assign weapons: Automatically changes your weapons based on the preferences set.

Auto-assign summons: Automatically changes your summons based on the preferences set.

Saved party sets: Lists all saved party presets, and allows you to switch to a party preset based on job, characters, and summons.

Save current party: Saves current party, weapons, and summons as a preset.