This page is under construction, and will be an attempt on my (Igooog) part to make the game more accessible to those who want to play. I intend to make this page a tutorial on getting GBF installed (especially on Android, as it took me a while to get that figured out on my own.)

Unfortunately, I am very unfamiliar with the wikia editing system and as such the page will likely be lacking in several areas. If anyone wishes to help me out by adding and improving where they see fit, feel free.

IMPORTANT It is necessary with both of the methods I have tested to have a Google account with its location set to Japan. Creating one is a straightforward process, so I do not feel that it is necessary to include directions for that much.

Chrome (Currently nonexistent)Edit

Chrome Guide

Nothing to see here, folks.


Downloading the game on Android took a bit more than I expected it to, but looking back I couldn't tell you why I thought that. A helpful guide to accessing the Japanese storefront can be found here. (This will probably be easier to read; tables are a nightmare on mobile devices)

Android Guide

VPN's are in abundance on Android. If you have one you prefer, and it has a server in Japan, you're already set. Otherwise, I would "recommend" TigerVPNs. It's free, limits you to a small amount of data, and is loaded with advertisements. BUT, it works, and has servers where we need them.

Whatever you choose, the process will be similar. But first, we need to clear the data on the Play Store. This can be done by dragging the icon (as if you were about to delete it) into the region labeled "App Data." Force the app to stop, and then clear the data. If you don't do this, you will still be detected as being in your home region.

Connect to a VPN server located in Japan, and open the Google Play Store. Sign in with a "Japanese" account and search for グランブルーファンタジー (if you don't have a method to type that, copy/paste works, but I would recommend the Simeji IME on Android). If you've done everything correctly, the game should appear in the results.